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The eggs on this website were all made by me, and are a mix of designs that I got from different books that are listed on my
book list, and my own ideas. This page contains eggs with my own designs. Sometimes they will contain elements of other
traditional designs on them that I've mixed in with non-traditional designs.  Check out the other gallery pages for eggs that
were done using various design books.  
48 Triangles Pysanka, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue Stripes, Ukrainian Easter Egg, Chicken Eggshell
Colorful Rainbow Stars Pysanky Egg Ornament for Hanging, Christmas Holiday Decor Gift Pysanka
Red Rosebud Pysanka, Anniversary Gift Idea, Batik Egg Art
blue and green batik chicken egg
Christmas Tree Ornament Pysanka, White Reindeer Ukrainian Egg, Hanging Batik Eggshell for Holidays, Red and Green
summer sunflower pysanka ukrainian easter egg pysanky chicken egg
Colorful Double Wedding Ring Pattern on White Pysanka, Batik Chicken Egg
Deer Pysanka, Red and Blue Ukrainian Easter Egg, Pysanky Eggs, Batik Chicken Eggshell
Colorful Double Wedding Ring Pysanka, Batik Chicken Egg
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